Our People
These are the people who are committed to creating fun campaigns that make it easy for you to take simple, powerful and positive environmental actions.


Paul Klymenko
Chief Executive Officer

Paul was appointed CEO in 2010 and was one of the founding directors of Planet Ark in 1992. He has worked in the environmental field for a over quarter of a century making a positive contribution as an environmental researcher, retailer, writer and ethical investment fund manager. Prior to working in the environmental field he spent 11 years in the financial services industry in a range of research and advising roles.

"“It is a privilege to lead a talented and committed team of collaborative people who want to help create a world where we live in balance with Nature. I believe this can achieved by creating a carbon neutral and circular economy and connecting people with Nature."
Rebecca Gilling
Deputy CEO and Audio Visual Manager

After 30 years as an actor, Rebecca joined Planet Ark as our public spokesperson and Audio/Visual Projects Manager in 2002. She shares her passion for the environment, society and organisational change for sustainability with the team at Planet Ark.

"I feel a real sense of purpose working for an organisation whose values broadly align with my own."
Adam Culley
Head of Partnerships

Adam comes from a cross-industry background working in various business development and commercial management roles. After completing a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography Adam spent nearly ten years working in project management and business development in the Australian Energy industry based in Perth, followed by a 2-year period working in financial services as a management consultant Adam also set up a tech social enterprise in London to facilitate donations to the homeless and those in need.

Ian Bridges
Chief Information Officer

Ian is one of the longest-serving team members at Planet Ark, having joined the organisation in 2006. In charge of Planet Ark's IT infrastructure, he keeps our websites running smoothly. With a background in Management and over 25 years in IT, software development and engineering, Ian likes to use technology to make our lives easier. When not working with computers, Ian enjoys playing music, cooking (and eating) great food, spending time with his family and helping run the historic Linden Observatory in the Blue Mountains.

"Planet Ark makes environmental change seem possible to people"
Claire Bell
Recycling Campaign Manager

Claire has been working at Planet Ark since 2011. Raising a young family heightened Claire's awareness of environmental issues and making sustainable lifestyle choices. Claire worked for a number of years on our National Tree Day campaign and now has developed her skills and knowledge to deliver our recycling programs.

"I can't think of anything more important than taking care of the world we live in because it ultimately means we are taking good care of ourselves."
Sam Carey
Partnerships Manager

After five years in the media and digital marketing industry, Sam joined Planet Ark in 2017. As her interest in caring for the environment grew, she became a member of her previous organisation's environmental committee which only further ignited her passion. It opened her eyes to the amazing work that organisations like Planet Ark were doing to create a sustainable future which made her want to get involved.

"I feel very privileged to join the Planet Ark team that has been a constant pillar of strength when it comes to championing the environment. My aim is to show how anybody can take many simple steps to make a positive impact on our planet."
Laura Chalk
Social Media Coordinator

With a background in Teaching English as a Second Language and Communications, Laura joined Planet Ark in 2016. Laura has a passion for the environment and behaviour change, and is excited about using social media to help people take positive environmental actions everyday. 

"I am thrilled to be able to help empower, inform and inspire Australians to make positive environmental choices, and to be a part of a passionate and talented team who feel the same way."
Sarah Chaplin
Information Centre & Special Projects Officer

Sarah joined the Planet Ark team in early 2019 to work in the Information Centre and on the National Tree Day Seedling Bank special project. She is passionate about environmental science and has an academic background in biology and conservation science. Since graduating, she has worked with small not-for-profit environmental organisations and is delighted to be able to put her range of skills and experience to use at Planet Ark.

"I am passionate about connecting people with the natural world and preserving our planet into the future. What a privilege to work for an organisation that is making positive environmental actions simple and accessible for all."
Ryan Collins
Head of Sustainable Resource Programs

After nearly a decade working in the banking and finance industry Ryan was drawn to a career in environmental conservation that saw him work in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji. With a background in psychology and environmental management, Ryan’s role at Planet Ark since 2012 has been focused on developing engaging and positive environmental behaviour change programs to help everyone recycle and reduce waste.

"I like that recycling encompasses a whole range of issues, from the circular economy to school education, upcycled arts and crafts to busting recycling myths."
Jamie Davis
Web Developer

A web developer with a background in Cryptography, Jamie is taking his extensive knowledge and skills in web development to an organisation more in line with his personal values.

"Animal agriculture is one of the biggest impacts on climate change. I take positive steps to reduce my impact through diet."
Harry Day
Digital Communications Intern

Harry is completing a one year internship with Planet Ark specialising in graphic design, video and animation.

Scott Dickson
Chief Finance Officer

Scott joined Planet Ark in 2014 after ten years working in the government and private sectors. He keeps things moving along for the team by managing the organisational finances and governance as company secretary.

"For me, Planet Ark is all about the people. They're collaborative, committted to making a difference and fun to work with!"
Simone Horder
National Tree Day Manager
Simone Horder

After 15 years of combined agency and corporate experience, Simone joins Planet Ark as National Tree Day Manager - a program she has been actively involved in for 12 years. She is committed to connecting communities with nature and hopes to inspire & educate people on the positive benefits of time spent in nature.

Ellice Kelly
Information Centre and Finance Administration

Ellice has worn many hats, from pastry chef to Souvenir Manager at the Uluru Culture Centre to selling crystals in the Blue Mountains. She now puts her gift for customer service to excellent use as an essential part of Planet Ark's Information Centre, as well as assisting the finance team.

"Working at Planet Ark is fun. I work in the Blue Mountains but visit the Sydney office regularly bringing treats like home made cheese, bread as well as fresh eggs, fruit & vegetables grown in my backyard."
Alejandra Laclette
Recycling Label Program Manager
Alejandra Laclette

After looking after the sustainability educational program at her corporate job in Mexico, Alejandra decided to move to Sydney and undertake a Master in Sustainable Development. While completing her studies, she was working as a Sustainability Consultant, where she coordinated programs that aimed to improve the understanding from consumers on the environmental credentials of packaging, as well as how to correctly dispose it so that it can be diverted from landfill. Alejandra is the perfect fit to help people understand the Australasian Recycling Label.

"I am passionate about promoting sustainable behaviours and environmental awareness through critical thinking, and Planet Ark is all about that."
Nell MacDonald
Programs Development Manager

With a background working in schools and community environmental education, Nell joined the Planet Ark team in 2017 to support a variety of exciting projects, including our new Coffee Grounds Recycling project. Nell brings an experience of Environmental Science, Education and community engagement together with her love of the environment and nature to the Planet Ark team.

"I'm a big believer in the power of everyone doing their bit, so I feel lucky to be working for an organisation that empowers everyone to make their own environmental changes"
Tom Mann
Information Centre Officer

Tom has been volunteering at Planet Ark since his time in high school - but officially joined the team in 2018. He has a long history of communiity action and brings a wonderful combination of customer service, technical skills and youthful exuberance to the organisation.

"Planet Ark is an incredible organisation that helps break down a global issue into personal positive actions. Working here has helped me understand that environmental sustainability can be as much about personal growth as global change."
Keith Maxwell
Contracts Manager & Digital Asset Management

Keith joined Planet Ark part-time in 2019 with a strong corporate background in accounting, finance and administration, and management consulting. Also a long time industry recognised and qualified professional commercial photographer, Keith spends his downtime at home in the Blue Mountains more than a kilometre above sea level growing an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables to share with others.

"It's a privilege to work within a team of such dedicated, environmentally principled people. We all have a social responsibility to care for our planet in as many ways we can, and to be able to do this in work hours as well is a joy and a bonus!"
Karen McGregor

Karen is a Chartered Management Accountant with over seventeen years of experience, spending the last six years with not-for-profit organisations. Her passion for life, nature and saving the planet led her to work for Planet Ark.

"Connecting with nature makes me feel alive!"
Jennifer McMillan
Campaigns Coordinator
Jennifer McMillan

Jennifer joined the Planet Ark team to support the 2018 National Tree Day campaign. With a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Master's degree in Journalism, she is passionate about science communication with a focus on multimedia storytelling. Prior to joining the Planet Ark team she travelled to Jordan as a foreign correspondent. She works as a vet nurse in her spare time.

I love that Planet Ark is an organisation that focuses on what it's for not what it is against. Positive environmental communication is powerful."
Marty Middlebrook
Head of Operations

Marty started with Planet Ark in 2012 managing the Information Centre, the team who make it easier for Australians all over the country to do their bit for the environment. He now works across the various programs to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. Drawing on diverse experience and qualifications including psychology, support for homeless youth and training young Australians to work in Conservation and Land Management, Marty has spent his entire career helping people get the most out of their community.

"I grew up playing outside. I love that Planet Ark not only champions time in nature, but that it also demonstrates the real benefits and positive effects for people and how fun it is!"
Steve Morriss
Head of Circular Economy Development 

Steve is a product stewardship and circular economy veteran. As founder of Close the Loop (1998) and Circular Food (2016), Steve brings a wealth of passion, hands on experience, and commitment to the Circular Economy via Planet Ark. Steve is an award winning entrepreneur, entertaining speaker, and active collaborator.

"I've worked with Planet Ark as co-creator of Cartridges 4 Planet Ark for 15 years and welcome the opportunity to step inside an organisation I admire to continue the journey. There is much work to be done and rolling up my sleeves with the PA team feels like the perfect fit."
Dr Sean O'Malley
Head of Research

Sean is our resident science enthusiast. After completing a PhD in behavioural ecology with a scientific background across life and earth sciences, Sean spent 15 years in the food manufacturing sector, managing research and innovation projects. Sean's experience also includes two years of managing product development for one of Australia’s largest nappy manufacturers, including the development of a high-biodegradability nappy.Sean joined Planet Ark in 2007 and continues to oversee our Research and Development activities.

"Working as part of the Planet Ark team is great because I can do my bit to help the environment and bring about positive change"
Rachael Ridley
Partnership Communications

Rachael joined Planet Ark in 2019 after eight years working in media and publishing as a producer, editor and writer. Rachael is excited to use her skills in content creation and communication to further the Planet Ark brand and instigate positive environmental behaviour change.

"Being a part of an enthusiastic team that actively creates positive and progressive environmental change and awareness is good for the soul."
Maddie Ross
Information Centre Support Officer

Maddie joined us in Sep 2019 as part of the Information Centre. She moved to Sydney from the UK 6 years ago and transitioned into the environmental sector from food retail in 2018, while volunteering for multiple small not-for-profits. She is now also a director of an organic food co-op, loves running along the coast and camping.

"Being part of the Planet Ark family has allowed me to combine many interests and love for the environment. Reinforcing that every small action matters, especially positive ones."
David Rowlinson
Make it Wood Campaign Manager
David Rowlinson

David hails from Lancashire, England and has lived in Australia since 1994. He studied Architecture at Sheffield University and also has an MBA from Macquarie University and a Master of Marketing from UNSW. Prior to joining Planet Ark in 2016 David was Marketing Manager then CEO of a major Sydney-based manufacturer of modular carpets used in all commercial building applications. His proudest achievement was the development of an industry-leading environmental sustainability agenda, including the unique Earthplus product reuse program.

"It's the positive, can do approach that I really love. Creating lasting and significant behaviour change is at the heart of everything that we do."
Luke Symes
IT Technician

With a background in film and television production, Luke is excited to bring his lifelong passion for technology to the team at Planet Ark where he hopes to support the development of various IT projects.

"Working with organisations that prioritise positive social actions is important to me, and it's a privilege to be able to contribute to the team's combined efforts to make a difference and raise awareness about how we can reduce our impact on the environment."
Liam Taylor
Senior Communications Coordinator

Prior to joining Planet Ark Liam spent his time studying global environmental issues, travelling Southeast Asia on the cheap and working for a sustainable property management company in Bali, Indonesia. Joining the communications team at Planet Ark, he hopes to inspire positive environmental behaviour through effective and positive messaging.

"Before joining Planet Ark, I often referred to our world as the Starship Earth. We are all travelling through space on this ship together and it’s time we put our heads together to find better ways of taking care of it. Planet Ark allows me to be part of that discussion and the movement towards positive change."
Roy Tasker
Chief Scientific Adviser

Roy joined Planet Ark in July 2018 after 32 years as a university academic in chemistry in Australia and the US. His passion is communicating science through visualisation, particularly explaining chemistry concepts at the molecular level. At Planet Ark he uses this experience to help people to understand important scientific issues relevant to climate change and sustainability to promote meaningful behaviour change.

"So many important environmental issues involve chemicals. I enjoy applying what I know about chemistry to everyday topics that really matter to people."
Steve Walpole
National Partnerships Manager - Planet Ark Renewable Energy
Steve Walpole

Steve brings his strategic and partnership background from the Banking and Finance industry. Previously Steve worked as Owner, Executive Director and National Partnerships Manager for Superannuation platform company SWMS. Steve loves hiking, rock climbing, skiing and walking his dog Charlie. In the community, Steve has been a Lifeline Counsellor for over 20 years and a Facilitator of Mental Health Programs for schools and adults.


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