RecycleMe Coffee Cup Collection and Recycling System

Planet Ark endorses the RecycleMe™ coffee cup collection and recycling system as a great way for reducing the waste that is sent to landfill from takeaway coffee, other beverages with paper-based single use takeaway cups and their plastic lids. In line with the waste hierarchy we encourage the use of reusable cups or simply drinking your coffee in the cafe within a café first and foremost before choosing a takeaway cup.

We do however recognise that takeaway cups will be still be used and that there is significant confusion about whether these cups and their lids are recyclable through existing waste collection services. Therefore, a practical option is to provide a system for collection and recycling of takeaway cups and lids. Detpak’s RecycleMe™ cup is one such system that provides the opportunity to significantly reduce the number of cups and lids destined for landfill.

Planet Ark recognises that this program is in the establishment phase (2018) and that further development is required to maximise the value of its output streams. Endorsement of the program requires that these options are established and that the best value outcomes for the materials are achieved in line with the waste hierarchy, along with a zero waste to landfill target. A period of one year is set to achieve these outcomes from the commencement of the endorsement.

  • Fibre from the paper cups is to be recovered through a recycling/ de-inking process and used as a high-grade input in products such as copy paper or toilet tissue within Australia.
  • Polystyrene from the lids is to be recovered and used within recycled products initially with options developed in overseas markets but latterly within Australia as its circular economy develops.

Where can you buy our endorsed products?

Contact RecycleMe™ directly or take a look at their locations map for collection points.

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