Working with Business
Working with business is at the heart of what we do at Planet Ark.

We recognise that businesses have potential to greatly impact the environment in either a positive way or a negative way. That’s why we work collaboratively with businesses and industries to help drive positive environmental change, and the financial support we receive allows us to deliver our much loved campaigns, events and resources.

There are a number of ways Planet Ark can help you achieve better environmental outcomes for your business.


A Partnership with Planet Ark is a truly comprehensive arrangement. We work closely with our Partners to help them improve the environmental impact of their business. Planet Ark’s expertise, support and tools can be greatly beneficial to help businesses on their sustainability journey.

Each partnership arrangement is different but usually begins with identifying the partner’s key environmental impacts and how we can begin to reduce these. Employee engagement, strategy, product development, marketing and sustainability reviews, are just a few areas we help our Partners with.


Over two decades of running successful, much loved community campaigns has positioned Planet Ark as the leading environmental behaviour change organisation in Australia.

We welcome businesses who have a strong synergy with us to sponsor our campaigns. We can create bespoke packages to meet your objectives and depending on which area of the community you wish to connect with.

We choose to work with businesses that have a commitment to creating positive change.

Product Endorsement

Planet Ark is one of the most trusted names in Australia, having been listed in the top five most reputable brands for environmental, sustainable and ethical performance six years in a row. (Mobium Group, 2015 Living LOHAS 5 ‘Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability’).

Consumers look to us for information on how to reduce their impact on the environment, including advice on what are the better product choices. For this reason, we have a Product Endorsement program which tells consumers we have given the product our tick of approval, making it easy for consumers to pick the more responsible, good quality and effective products on the supermarket shelf.

To be part of our endorsement program, products must meet our strict standards. We conduct extensive research into the overall environmental impact of the product from the cradle to the grave. We look at everything from where the ingredients are derived, to the processing, packaging and disposal and also have health, quality and cost standards products must.

Consulting and Research

Planet Ark has a wide range of technical skills, industry experience and environmental knowledge. We can provide a range of services to business, government and industry, including:

  • Sustainability reviews
  • Business or workplace sustainability training
  • Research projects

Workplace Engagement Program

Employees are increasingly choosing to work for businesses which are ‘doing the right thing’. In a recent study Planet Ark found that, 80% of employees would like more recycling in the workplace and that having recycling facilities makes them feel that they work for a responsible employer.

Planet Ark’s Workplace Engagement Program can help make your business more sustainable and engage employees about sustainability.

Whether your goal is to cut down office waste, introduce new energy efficient processes, get your team out in nature or all of the above, we can help.

By associating your corporate sustainability goals with Planet Ark campaigns, we can help you inspire your staff to get behind your key workplace activities that matter to your business.

  • Recycling Week
  • Business Recycling
  • recycling Near You
  • Make It Wood
  • Tree Day
  • Cartridges for Planet Ark