Paper Recycling Plant

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Australian Recycled Paper Making

At a time when Australia is losing manufacturing jobs Australian Paper invested more than $90 million in purchasing, moving, rebuilding and improving the country’s only plant capable of producing high-quality recycled office paper.

The plant, located at Maryvale in Victoria’s Trobe Valley, is state-of-the art. It takes in waste office paper: pulps it; removes plastics, metal and other contaminants; subjects the pulp to repeated de-inking processes; and produces a clean product ready to be transformed back into high quality recycled paper.

When running at full capacity the plant can process over 80,000 tonnes of waste converting it into 50,000 tonnes of new paper. Around 28% of the input consists of calcium carbonate filler, which is extracted during processing and used as a soil conditioner. Almost all of the water used to pulp and de-ink the waste paper is cleaned and re-used in the plant and the whole facility is Victoria’s largest producer of renewable energy.

The mill supports around 250 green manufacturing jobs, contributes to the local economy and offsets the need to import recycled paper from overseas.

High recycled content papers such as Planet Ark Paper, Reflex, Australian and a number of home brands are produced using pulp from the facility.

Find out more about recycling at Opal Australian Paper here.

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