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Using locally made recycled copy paper is a simple and positive thing you and your workplace can do for the planet. To help businesses make the switch Planet Ark has partnered with Opal Australian Paper and formed the Make It Australian Recycled program.





The partnership between Planet Ark and Opal Australian Paper aims to:

  • increase the recycling of copy paper
  • reduce Australian waste paper going to landfill
  • increase the use of locally made, high-recycled content paper by business, schools, households and government.

Opal Australian Paper’s $90 million waste paper recycling facility at the Maryvale Mill in Victoria has the capacity to divert 80,000 tonnes of waste paper from landfill or export each year and greatly increase the production of local recycled paper. This is the only premium paper recycling plant in Australia capable of making high quality recycled copy and printing papers.

It is this facility that manufactures our own Planet Ark Mindful Paper which is 100% recycled, carbon neutral and FSC certified. It is made with the white paper waste Australian businesses recycle through secure document destruction bins. This enables us to create a localised circular economy, ensuring we are using our natural resources sustainably and reducing our reliance on other countries to process our waste. 

Planet Ark supports the use of 50%, 80% and 100% recycled content copy and printing paper.  If you are currently using non-recycled paper, why not consider moving to high-recycled content? 

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