Questions and Answers about our Recycled Paper Programs.
Find out what Planet Ark is doing to encourage the use of Recycled Paper.

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About the Partnership with Opal Australian Paper

Why is Planet Ark working with Opal Australian Paper? Planet Ark works with individuals, business and government to take positive action for the environment. One of our key focus areas is efficient resource use. In almost all cases recycling of resources leads to lower impact on our planet including, reduced waste to landfill, lower energy use, lower carbon emissions and lower water use.

Currently office paper has a recycling rate of about 70% however less than 18% of new reams have high-recycled content. Studies have consistently shown that there are significant social, economic and environmental benefits in using more recycled paper. Including the recovery of a valuable resource, the support of green jobs, reduced carbon emissions and reduction in waste to landfill. Opal Australian Paper's Maryvale Recycled Paper Plant aligns well with Planet Ark's long-term support of recycling as a key behaviour change to minimise our impact on the planet. Read more about the Maryvale Recycled paper Mill

What is the aim of Planet Ark's partnership with Opal Australian Paper? The partnership aims to increase the use of Australian made high recycled content office paper. Increase recycling of office and printing paper and reduce waste going to landfill.

What is Planet Ark's role in the partnership? Planet Ark's role is to encourage paper buyers to switch to high-recycled content paper. This task is made easier by the increased quality and performance of recycled paper.

What specific Opal Australian Paper products is Planet Ark supporting? Planet Ark supports 50%, 80% and 100% recycled content papers. We have included the 50% range, as this is the most commonly accepted level by larger customers and attracts the highest demand. Additionally, with a significant uptake of 50% recycled content demand for recycled paper will grow significantly. We strongly encourage everyone to choose Australian made 100% recycled content paper.

Is the recycled paper FSC certified? Yes, Opal Australian Paper is Chain of Custody certified to both the AFS and FSC. Planet Ark's position on certification is clear - it supports forest certification. It is critical that this source of fibre is from certified sources.  Planet Ark is working with the national certification bodies and their associated members to improve standards that provide high levels of biodiversity protection and stakeholder engagement.

What percentage of recycled paper is best for me to use in terms of quality e.g. what percentage will look, feel and perform the same as non-recycled paper? Some people carry out dated ideas about the quality of recycled office paper but 100% recycled paper is bright white, performs equally well on dust tests and is practically indistinguishable from virgin paper. In a test of 130 people 7 out of 10 were unsure or not confident to choose between a sheet of Planet Ark Paper and a sheet of virgin paper.

What should I look out for to make sure that I'm choosing Australian made recycled paper? Look out for the Planet Ark Make it Australian Recycled logo.


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