Research by Planet Ark
From the benefits of time in nature to attitudes towards recycling, everything Planet Ark communicates is underpinned by research.
Every year Planet Ark's research team collaborate with other experts to deliver research to support our campaigns.

Planet Ark Research Reports

Forever Chemicals: The Health and Environmental Risks of Bisphenol A and its Analogues

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical widely used in a range of products we use in everyday life and is developing a reputation as a chemical that should be avoided. BPA is cheap and easily accessible and is therefore produced on mass for use worldwide. The chemical itself is used in the production of many common plastics, resins and paper products.

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Other Research by Planet Ark

Make It Wood Research

The Make It Wood- Do Your World Some Good campaign advocates the use of responsibly harvested timber as a low-carbon alternative to other building materials. Our research shows the benefits of wood as a renewable resource, highlights its positive effects on people’s mental and physical well-being, as well as its place in the Australian identity.

National Tree Day Research

The National Tree Day campaign promotes the environmental and educational benefits of revegetation. The corresponding research explores the importance of environmental education and the impact of a largely indoor lifestyle. Our most recent report examines the ways in which technology and spending time in nature intersect.

National Recycling Week Research

National Recycling Week, as the name suggests, is focused on improving the public’s knowledge about recycling and increasing community involvement. Our research provides useful information on what can be recycled and how to recycle it, as well as information on Australia’s recycling habits.

Coffee 4 Planet Ark Research

At the moment, a large majority of spent coffee grounds are going to land fills, wasting valuable minerals and contributing to methane emissions. Coffee 4 Planet Ark examines the feasibility of recycling these grounds in a variety of different ways, beginning with cafes in Sydney.

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